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Wikia Yu-Gi-Oh! tiếng Việt
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Tiếng Nhật (kanji và furigana)

Trước đây: フィールドカードゾーン


Trước đây: Fīrudokādozōn

Tiếng Anh

Field Zone
Trước đây: Field Card Zone

The top left mint box in the below picture is the Field Zone (フィールドゾーン Fīrudozōn), formerly known as Field Card Zone (フィールドカードゾーン Fīrudokādozōn). Previously, only 1 Field Spell Card could be active on a player's field at any time, and any new Field Spell Card that was activated destroyed their current Field Spell Card which was active at that time, unless "Field Barrier" is on the field, in which case you couldn't activate a new "Field Spell Card" but since the release of the latest rulebook, both players can have a Field Spell Card at the same time. A Field Spell Card may be also be Set here, instead of activated. Playing a Field Spell does not affect your opponent's Field Spell (both players can have one Field Spell active simultaneously).