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Tiếng Nhật (kanji và furigana)

Trước đây: (ゆう)(ごう)デッキゾーン

Tiếng Anh

Extra Deck Zone
Trước đây: Fusion Deck Zone

The Extra Deck Zone (Japanese: エクストラデッキゾーン Ekusutoradekkizōn; Chinese: 特別牌組區 Tèbié Páizǔqū "Special Deck Zone"), previously known as the Fusion Deck Zone ((ゆう)(ごう)デッキゾーン Yūgō Dekki Zōn), is where a player's Extra Deck (previously known as the Fusion Deck) resides, face-down. It is usually color-coded dark gray (purple when it was called the Fusion Deck Zone), and resides next to the Spell & Trap Zone at the bottom-left of the player's side of the field, below the blue Pendulum Zone.

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