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Beast-Warrior (Nhật: (じゅう)(せん)()) là một Loại quái thú that usually resembles anthropomorphic animals or other half-man, half-animal creatures such as centaurs. Their effects generally apply after destroying a monster, and help them destroy monsters easier. Many of their effects also deal with Normal Monsters. However, a lot of their effects tend to give an advantage during battle, like "Exarion Universe" and "Enraged Battle Ox".

Beast-Warrior are neither Beast nor Warrior-Type monsters, so they are not affected by effects that specifically affect Beast or Warrior-Type monsters (though occasionally, support cards for either will also specifically include Beast-Warriors, such as "Enraged Battle Ox").

"Phantom Beast" was the only primarily Beast-Warrior archetype until 2012 in which all the "Fire Fist" theme came out, granting more Beast-Warriors to the FIRE Attribute. The "Lunalight" archetype later followed. Some can be also found in the "Gladiator Beast", "X-Saber" and "Yosenju" archetypes. Other notable monsters include "Reborn Tengu", "XX-Saber Gottoms", "Manticore of Darkness", "Mystical Knight of Jackal", "Cat's Ear Tribe", "Chiron the Mage", "Exarion Universe", "Gene-Warped Warwolf", "Ghost Knight of Jackal", "Enraged Battle Ox", "Pitch-Black Warwolf", "Indomitable Fighter Lei Lei", "Lycanthrope", "Shiba-Warrior Taro", "Mother Grizzly", "Beast King Barbaros", "Panther Warrior", "Vorse Raider", and "Thor, Lord of the Aesir".

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom, Beast-Warrior-Type monsters are treated as Warrior-Type monsters.

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