Structure Deck: Yugi Muto is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game and Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. It is the thirty-first Deck in the OCG's Structure Deck series, following Structure Deck: Pendulum Domination. It is the thirty-fourth Deck in the TCG's Structure Deck series, following Rise of the True Dragons Structure Deck.

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In the OCG, each Structure Deck: Yugi Muto contains:

In the TCG, each Structure Deck: Yugi Muto contains:

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Danh sách

Số Set Tên lá bài Độ hiếm Thể loại
SDMY-EN001 Alpha The Electromagnet Warrior Super Rare Effect Monster
SDMY-EN002 Beta The Electromagnet Warrior Super Rare Effect Monster
SDMY-EN003 Gamma The Electromagnet Warrior Super Rare Effect Monster
SDMY-EN004 Berserkion the Electromagna Warrior Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SDMY-EN005 Kuribohrn Common Effect Monster
SDMY-EN006 Valkyrion the Magna Warrior Common Effect Monster
SDMY-EN007 Alpha The Magnet Warrior Common Normal Monster
SDMY-EN008 Beta The Magnet Warrior Common Normal Monster
SDMY-EN009 Gamma The Magnet Warrior Common Normal Monster
SDMY-EN010 Dark Magician Common Normal Monster
SDMY-EN011 Dark Magician Girl Common Effect Monster
SDMY-EN012 Buster Blader Common Effect Monster
SDMY-EN013 Jack's Knight Common Normal Monster
SDMY-EN014 Queen's Knight Common Normal Monster
SDMY-EN015 King's Knight Common Effect Monster
SDMY-EN016 Berfomet Common Effect Monster
SDMY-EN017 Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts Common Normal Monster
SDMY-EN018 Obnoxious Celtic Guard Common Effect Monster
SDMY-EN019 Giant Soldier of Stone Common Normal Monster
SDMY-EN020 Kuriboh Common Effect Monster
SDMY-EN021 Skilled Dark Magician Common Effect Monster
SDMY-EN022 Skilled White Magician Common Effect Monster
SDMY-EN023 Twin-Headed Behemoth Common Effect Monster
SDMY-EN024 Magnetic Field Common Field Spell Card
SDMY-EN025 Dark Magic Inheritance Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SDMY-EN026 Dark Magic Attack Common Normal Spell Card
SDMY-EN027 Dark Magic Curtain Common Normal Spell Card
SDMY-EN028 Mystic Box Common Normal Spell Card
SDMY-EN029 Swords of Revealing Light Common Normal Spell Card
SDMY-EN030 Spell Shattering Arrow Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SDMY-EN031 Polymerization Common Normal Spell Card
SDMY-EN032 De-Fusion Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SDMY-EN033 Swords of Concealing Light Common Continuous Spell Card
SDMY-EN034 Attack the Moon! Common Continuous Spell Card
SDMY-EN035 Magnet Conversion Common Normal Trap Card
SDMY-EN036 Magician's Circle Common Normal Trap Card
SDMY-EN037 Mirror Force Common Normal Trap Card
SDMY-EN038 Magic Cylinder Common Normal Trap Card
SDMY-EN039 Soul Rope Common Normal Trap Card
SDMY-EN040 Rock Bombardment Common Normal Trap Card
SDMY-EN041 Imperion Magnum the Superconductive Battlebot Ultra Rare Effect Fusion Monster
SDMY-EN042 Arcana Knight Joker Common Effect Fusion Monster
SDMY-EN043 Dark Paladin Common Effect Fusion Monster
SDMY-EN044 Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast Common Effect Fusion Monster
SDMY-EN045 Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman Common Effect Fusion Monster

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