"Spiritual Beast" ((せい)(れい)(じゅう) Seireijū), known as "Spiritual Beast Avatar", in other TCG languages is a sub-archetype of "Ritual Beast" that debuted in Booster SP: Tribe Force. They are used as materials to Contact Fusion the "Ritual Beast Ulti-" Fusion Monsters, along with the "Ritual Beast Tamer" monsters. They are WIND Level 4 monsters whose ATK and DEF have a sum of 2000, and their effects are based on banishing other "Ritual Beasts" from the hand or Deck in order to setup the "De-Fusion"-like effect of the "Ritual Beast Ulti-" Fusion Monsters.

As with all other "Ritual Beast" cards, this archetype is named in other TCG languages in patterns different from the English one due to the difference in word orders.

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