Spell Ruler, previously known as Magic Ruler, is a Booster Pack which is a combination of the Japanese sets Magic Ruler and Pharaoh's Servant. It has been released in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG) in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish and in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG) in Asian-English and Korean. There are three separate prints with different language IDs for the TCG English sets, North American, European and Worldwide.

The North American and Worldwide versions of this set contained 104 cards. Europe initially received the North American English set, i.e. the set with cards numbered MRL-XXX. A European English version was later released containing 27 more cards, which had been excluded from the European version of Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon.

The rename from Magic Ruler to Spell Ruler was to go with the renaming of Magic Cards to Spell Cards, to avoid similarities with Magic the Gathering. The European and Worldwide English versions of the set used the name Spell Ruler. The European version used the set ID MRL, despite the packets reading Spell Ruler, while the Worldwide version used the ID SRL.

The cards numbered SRL-EN were included in Master Collection Volume 1.

In 2010, an Unlimited Edition North American version of the set was reprinted again with different Set Number (SRL-XXX) and released with the Legendary Collection.

Đặc trưng

This set introduced Ritual Spell Cards, Ritual Monsters, Quick-Play Spell Cards and Toon monsters to the TCG.

Highly sought after cards include "Delinquent Duo", "Snatch Steal", and "Painful Choice".

Phân tích

The Asian-English and TCG versions of this set contained 9 cards per pack and 24 packs per box. The Korean version contained 10 cards per pack.

The Worldwide English, North American English, Spanish, Korean and Asian-English versions of this set contained 104 cards, including:

The European English, French, German and Italian versions of this set contained 131 cards, including:

Thư viện ảnh

Danh sách

Spell Ruler
(TCG - English)
Số Set Tên lá bài Độ hiếm Số series Thể loại
SRL-EN000 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon Secret Rare 53183600 Effect Monster
SRL-EN001 Penguin Knight Common 36039163 Effect Monster
SRL-EN002 Axe of Despair Ultra Rare 40619825 Equip Spell Card
SRL-EN003 Black Pendant Super Rare 65169794 Equip Spell Card
SRL-EN004 Horn of Light Common 38552107 Equip Spell Card
SRL-EN005 Malevolent Nuzzler Common 99597615 Equip Spell Card
SRL-EN006 Spellbinding Circle Ultra Rare 18807108 Continuous Trap Card
SRL-EN007 Metal Fish Common 55998462 Normal Monster
SRL-EN008 Electric Snake Common 11324436 Effect Monster
SRL-EN009 Queen Bird Common 73081602 Normal Monster
SRL-EN010 Ameba Rare 95174353 Effect Monster
SRL-EN011 Peacock Common 20624263 Normal Monster
SRL-EN012 Maha Vailo Super Rare 93013676 Effect Monster
SRL-EN013 Guardian of the Throne Room Common 47879985 Normal Monster
SRL-EN014 Fire Kraken Common 46534755 Normal Monster
SRL-EN015 Minar Common 32539892 Effect Monster
SRL-EN016 Griggle Common 95744531 Effect Monster
SRL-EN017 Tyhone #2 Common 56789759 Normal Monster
SRL-EN018 Ancient One of the Deep Forest Common 14015067 Normal Monster
SRL-EN019 Dark Witch Common 35565537 Normal Monster
SRL-EN020 Weather Report Common 72053645 Effect Monster
SRL-EN021 Mechanical Snail Common 34442949 Normal Monster
SRL-EN022 Giant Turtle Who Feeds on Flames Common 96981563 Normal Monster
SRL-EN023 Liquid Beast Common 93108297 Normal Monster
SRL-EN024 Hiro's Shadow Scout Rare 81863068 Effect Monster
SRL-EN025 High Tide Gyojin Common 54579801 Normal Monster
SRL-EN026 Invader of the Throne Super Rare 03056267 Effect Monster
SRL-EN027 Whiptail Crow Common 91996584 Normal Monster
SRL-EN028 Slot Machine Super Short Print 03797883 Normal Monster
SRL-EN029 Relinquished Ultra Rare 64631466 Ritual Monster
SRL-EN030 Red Archery Girl Common 65570596 Normal Monster
SRL-EN031 Gravekeeper's Servant Short Print 16762927 Continuous Spell Card
SRL-EN032 Curse of Fiend Short Print 12470447 Normal Spell Card
SRL-EN033 Upstart Goblin Common 70368879 Normal Spell Card
SRL-EN034 Toll Super Short Print 82003859 Continuous Spell Card
SRL-EN035 Final Destiny Common 18591904 Normal Spell Card
SRL-EN036 Snatch Steal Ultra Rare 45986603 Equip Spell Card
SRL-EN037 Chorus of Sanctuary Common 81380218 Field Spell Card
SRL-EN038 Confiscation Super Rare 17375316 Normal Spell Card
SRL-EN039 Delinquent Duo Ultra Rare 44763025 Normal Spell Card
SRL-EN040 Darkness Approaches Super Short Print 80168720 Normal Spell Card
SRL-EN041 Fairy's Hand Mirror Short Print 17653779 Normal Trap Card
SRL-EN042 Tailor of the Fickle Short Print 43641473 Quick-Play Spell Card
SRL-EN043 Rush Recklessly Rare 70046172 Quick-Play Spell Card
SRL-EN044 The Reliable Guardian Common 16430187 Quick-Play Spell Card
SRL-EN045 The Forceful Sentry Ultra Rare 42829885 Normal Spell Card
SRL-EN046 Chain Energy Common 79323590 Continuous Spell Card
SRL-EN047 Mystical Space Typhoon Ultra Rare 05318639 Quick-Play Spell Card
SRL-EN048 Giant Trunade Super Rare 42703248 Normal Spell Card
SRL-EN049 Painful Choice Super Rare 74191942 Normal Spell Card
SRL-EN050 Snake Fang Common 00596051 Normal Trap Card
SRL-EN051 Black Illusion Ritual Super Rare 41426869 Ritual Spell Card
SRL-EN052 Octoberser Common 74637266 Normal Monster
SRL-EN053 Psychic Kappa Common 07892180 Normal Monster
SRL-EN054 Horn of the Unicorn Rare 64047146 Equip Spell Card
SRL-EN055 Labyrinth Wall Common 67284908 Normal Monster
SRL-EN056 Wall Shadow Common 63162310 Effect Monster
SRL-EN057 Twin Long Rods #2 Common 29692206 Normal Monster
SRL-EN058 Stone Ogre Grotto Common 15023985 Normal Monster
SRL-EN059 Magical Labyrinth Common 64389297 Equip Spell Card
SRL-EN060 Eternal Rest Super Short Print 95051344 Normal Spell Card
SRL-EN061 Megamorph Ultra Rare 22046459 Equip Spell Card
SRL-EN062 Commencement Dance Common 43417563 Ritual Spell Card
SRL-EN063 Hamburger Recipe Common 80811661 Ritual Spell Card
SRL-EN064 House of Adhesive Tape Common 15083728 Normal Trap Card
SRL-EN065 Eatgaboon Common 42578427 Normal Trap Card
SRL-EN066 Turtle Oath Common 76806714 Ritual Spell Card
SRL-EN067 Performance of Sword Common 04849037 Ritual Monster
SRL-EN068 Hungry Burger Common 30243636 Ritual Monster
SRL-EN069 Crab Turtle Common 91782219 Ritual Monster
SRL-EN070 Ryu-Ran Common 02964201 Normal Monster
SRL-EN071 Manga Ryu-Ran Rare 38369349 Effect Monster
SRL-EN072 Toon Mermaid Ultra Rare 65458948 Effect Monster
SRL-EN073 Toon Summoned Skull Ultra Rare 91842653 Effect Monster
SRL-EN074 Jigen Bakudan Super Short Print 90020065 Effect Monster
SRL-EN075 Hyozanryu Rare 62397231 Normal Monster
SRL-EN076 Toon World Super Rare 15259703 Continuous Spell Card
SRL-EN077 Cyber Jar Rare 34124316 Effect Monster
SRL-EN078 Banisher of the Light Super Rare 61528025 Effect Monster
SRL-EN079 Giant Rat Rare 97017120 Effect Monster
SRL-EN080 Senju of the Thousand Hands Rare 23401839 Effect Monster
SRL-EN081 UFO Turtle Rare 60806437 Effect Monster
SRL-EN082 Flash Assailant Common 96890582 Effect Monster
SRL-EN083 Karate Man Rare 23289281 Effect Monster
SRL-EN084 Dark Zebra Common 59784896 Effect Monster
SRL-EN085 Giant Germ Rare 95178994 Effect Monster
SRL-EN086 Nimble Momonga Rare 22567609 Effect Monster
SRL-EN087 Spear Cretin Common 58551308 Effect Monster
SRL-EN088 Shining Angel Rare 95956346 Effect Monster
SRL-EN089 Boar Soldier Common 21340051 Effect Monster
SRL-EN090 Mother Grizzly Rare 57839750 Effect Monster
SRL-EN091 Flying Kamakiri #1 Rare 84834865 Effect Monster
SRL-EN092 Ceremonial Bell Common 20228463 Effect Monster
SRL-EN093 Sonic Bird Common 57617178 Effect Monster
SRL-EN094 Mystic Tomato Rare 83011277 Effect Monster
SRL-EN095 Kotodama Common 19406822 Effect Monster
SRL-EN096 Gaia Power Short Print 56594520 Field Spell Card
SRL-EN097 Umiiruka Short Print 82999629 Field Spell Card
SRL-EN098 Molten Destruction Short Print 19384334 Field Spell Card
SRL-EN099 Rising Air Current Short Print 45778932 Field Spell Card
SRL-EN100 Luminous Spark Short Print 81777047 Field Spell Card
SRL-EN101 Mystic Plasma Zone Common 18161786 Field Spell Card
SRL-EN102 Messenger of Peace Super Rare 44656491 Continuous Spell Card
SRL-EN103 Serpent Night Dragon Secret Rare 66516792 Normal Monster
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