[[Structure Deck: HERO's Strike|]]
Số set Tên Anh Tên Nhật Độ hiếm Thể loại
SD27-JP001 Elemental HERO Shadow Mist Super Rare Effect Monster
SD27-JP002 Elemental HERO Stratos E・HERO(エレメンタルヒーロー) エアーマン Common Effect Monster
SD27-JP003 Elemental HERO Ocean Common Effect Monster
SD27-JP004 Elemental HERO Woodsman Common Effect Monster
SD27-JP005 Elemental HERO Voltic Common Effect Monster
SD27-JP006 Elemental HERO Heat Common Effect Monster
SD27-JP007 Elemental HERO Neos Common Normal Monster
SD27-JP008 Elemental HERO Neos Alius Common Gemini monster
SD27-JP009 Elemental HERO Bladedge Common Effect Monster
SD27-JP010 Elemental HERO Necroshade Common Effect Monster
SD27-JP011 Elemental HERO Wildheart Common Effect Monster
SD27-JP012 Elemental HERO Bubbleman Common Effect Monster
SD27-JP013 Neo-Spacian Grand Mole (ネオスペーシアン)・グラン・モール Common Effect Monster
SD27-JP014 Honest オネスト Common Effect Monster
SD27-JP015 Card Trooper カードガンナー Common Effect Monster
SD27-JP016 Winged Kuriboh Common Effect Monster
SD27-JP017 Summoner Monk Common Effect Monster
SD27-JP018 Mask Change II Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SD27-JP019 Form Change Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SD27-JP020 Mask Charge Common Normal Spell Card
SD27-JP021 Mask Change Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SD27-JP022 Polymerization Common Normal Spell Card
SD27-JP023 Miracle Fusion Common Normal Spell Card
SD27-JP024 Parallel World Fusion Common Normal Spell Card
SD27-JP025 A Hero Lives ヒーローアライブ Common Normal Spell Card
SD27-JP026 Hero Mask Common Normal Spell Card
SD27-JP027 H - Heated Heart Common Normal Spell Card
SD27-JP028 E - Emergency Call Common Normal Spell Card
SD27-JP029 R - Righteous Justice Common Normal Spell Card
SD27-JP030 O - Oversoul Common Normal Spell Card
SD27-JP031 Reinforcement of the Army Common Normal Spell Card
SD27-JP032 The Warrior Returning Alive Common Normal Spell Card
SD27-JP033 Pot of Duality (ごう)(よく)(けん)(きょ)(つぼ) Common Normal Spell Card
SD27-JP034 Foolish Burial Common Normal Spell Card
SD27-JP035 Hero Signal Common Normal Trap Card
SD27-JP036 Hero Blast Common Normal Trap Card
SD27-JP037 Call of the Haunted リビングデッドの()(ごえ) Common Normal Trap Card
SD27-JP038 Bottomless Trap Hole ()(らく)()とし(あな) Common Normal Trap Card
SD27-JP039 Compulsory Evacuation Device (きょう)(せい)(だっ)(しゅつ)(そう)() Common Normal Trap Card
SD27-JP040 Solemn Warning (かみ)(けい)(こく) Common Counter Trap Card
SD27-JP041 Contrast HERO Chaos Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
SD27-JP042 Masked HERO Koga Super Rare Fusion Monster
SD27-JP043 Masked HERO Divine Wind Super Rare Fusion Monster
SD27-JP044 Masked HERO Dark Law M・HERO(マスクドヒーロー) ダーク・ロウ Super Rare Fusion Monster
SD27-JP045 Elemental HERO Gaia Common Fusion Monster
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