"Chiến Hoa" is an archetype of WATER and WIND Beast-Warrior monsters first introduced in the OCG in Ignition Assault. In the OCG, every "Senka" monster is named after heroes in the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" historical novel, while the "Senka Legend" Spell/Trap Cards are named after pivotal events in the novel.

Thành Viên

Lá Bài Chiến Hoa Tham Khảo Huyền Thoại Tam Quốc
"Senka Intermediary - Sun Mou" Sun Quan
"Senka Adonis - Zhou Gong" Zhou Yu
"Senka Tactician - Lu Jing" Lu Su
"Senka Noble - Liu Xuan" Liu Bei
"Senka Justice - Guan Yun" Guan Yu
"Senka Champion - Zhang De" Zhang Fei
"Senka Legend - Oath Sworn By The Three" Oath of the Peace Garden/Three Visits to the Cottage
"Senka Legend - The Sun-Liu Alliance" Battle of Red Cliffs
"Senka Legend - Champion’s Bravery at Changban Bridge" Battle of Changban

Playing style

The archetype focus on summoning more than 1 "Senka" monster as some monsters can only activate their effect if another "Senka" monster activates their effect. The Continuous Spell, "Senka Legend - The Sun-Liu Alliance" also encourage playing "Senka" monsters of multiple attributes.

Recommended cards
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