Pharaoh's Servant is a Booster Pack, which is a combination of the Japanese sets Curse of Anubis and Thousand Eyes Bible.

Pharaoh's Servant has been released in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG) in English, French, German and Italian and in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG) in Asian-English and Korean. There are three separate prints for the TCG English; North American, European and Worldwide.

The cards numbered PSV-EN were included in Master Collection Volume 1.

In 2010, an Unlimited Edition North American version of the set (PSV-XXX) was reprinted again and released with the Legendary Collection.

Đặc trưng

Pharaoh's Servant has a wide selection of Trap Cards, as well as some powerful effect monsters like "Thousand-Eyes Restrict". It contains the first Secret Rare card that is not a monster, "Imperial Order".

Highly sought after cards include "Jinzo", "Imperial Order", "Ceasefire", "Call of the Haunted" and "Premature Burial".

Phân tích

In the Asian-English and TCG versions of this set, each pack contains 9 cards and each box contains 24 packs. In the Korean version, there are 10 cards per pack.

The set contains 105 cards. This is comprised of

Thư viện ảnh

Danh sách

Pharaoh's Servant
(TCG - English)
Số Set Tên lá bài Độ hiếm Số series Thể loại
PSV-EN000 Jinzo Secret Rare 77585513 Effect Monster
PSV-EN001 Steel Ogre Grotto #2 Common 90908427 Normal Monster
PSV-EN002 Three-Headed Geedo Common 78423643 Normal Monster
PSV-EN003 Parasite Paracide Super Rare 27911549 Effect Monster
PSV-EN004 7 Completed Common 86198326 Equip Spell Card
PSV-EN005 Lightforce Sword Rare 49587034 Normal Trap Card
PSV-EN006 Chain Destruction Ultra Rare 01248895 Normal Trap Card
PSV-EN007 Time Seal Common 35316708 Normal Trap Card
PSV-EN008 Graverobber Super Rare 61705417 Normal Trap Card
PSV-EN009 Gift of the Mystical Elf Common 98299011 Normal Trap Card
PSV-EN010 The Eye of Truth Common 34694160 Continuous Trap Card
PSV-EN011 Dust Tornado Super Rare 60082869 Normal Trap Card
PSV-EN012 Call of the Haunted Ultra Rare 97077563 Continuous Trap Card
PSV-EN013 Solomon's Lawbook Common 23471572 Normal Trap Card
PSV-EN014 Earthshaker Common 60866277 Normal Trap Card
PSV-EN015 Enchanted Javelin Common 96355986 Normal Trap Card
PSV-EN016 Mirror Wall Super Rare 22359980 Continuous Trap Card
PSV-EN017 Gust Common 73079365 Normal Trap Card
PSV-EN018 Driving Snow Common 00473469 Normal Trap Card
PSV-EN019 Armored Glass Common 36868108 Normal Trap Card
PSV-EN020 World Suppression Common 12253117 Normal Trap Card
PSV-EN021 Mystic Probe Common 49251811 Normal Trap Card
PSV-EN022 Metal Detector Common 75646520 Normal Trap Card
PSV-EN023 Numinous Healer Super Short Print 02130625 Normal Trap Card
PSV-EN024 Appropriate Rare 48539234 Continuous Trap Card
PSV-EN025 Forced Requisition Rare 74923978 Continuous Trap Card
PSV-EN026 DNA Surgery Common 74701381 Continuous Trap Card
PSV-EN027 The Regulation of Tribe Common 00296499 Continuous Trap Card
PSV-EN028 Backup Soldier Super Rare 36280194 Normal Trap Card
PSV-EN029 Major Riot Common 09074849 Normal Trap Card
PSV-EN030 Ceasefire Ultra Rare 36468556 Normal Trap Card
PSV-EN031 Light of Intervention Common 62867251 Continuous Trap Card
PSV-EN032 Respect Play Common 08951260 Continuous Trap Card
PSV-EN033 Magical Hats Super Rare 81210420 Normal Trap Card
PSV-EN034 Nobleman of Crossout Super Rare 71044499 Normal Spell Card
PSV-EN035 Nobleman of Extermination Rare 17449108 Normal Spell Card
PSV-EN036 The Shallow Grave Rare 43434803 Normal Spell Card
PSV-EN037 Premature Burial Ultra Rare 70828912 Equip Spell Card
PSV-EN038 Inspection Common 16227556 Continuous Spell Card
PSV-EN039 Prohibition Rare 43711255 Continuous Spell Card
PSV-EN040 Morphing Jar #2 Rare 79106360 Effect Monster
PSV-EN041 Flame Champion Common 42599677 Normal Monster
PSV-EN042 Twin-Headed Fire Dragon Common 78984772 Normal Monster
PSV-EN043 Darkfire Soldier #1 Common 05388481 Normal Monster
PSV-EN044 Mr. Volcano Common 31477025 Normal Monster
PSV-EN045 Darkfire Soldier #2 Common 78861134 Normal Monster
PSV-EN046 Kiseitai Common 04266839 Effect Monster
PSV-EN047 Cyber Falcon Common 30655537 Normal Monster
PSV-EN048 Flying Kamakiri #2 Common 03134241 Normal Monster
PSV-EN049 Sky Scout (as "Harpie's Brother") Common 30532390 Normal Monster
PSV-EN050 Buster Blader Ultra Rare 78193831 Effect Monster
PSV-EN051 Michizure Rare 37580756 Normal Trap Card
PSV-EN052 Minor Goblin Official Common 01918087 Continuous Trap Card
PSV-EN053 Gamble Common 37313786 Normal Trap Card
PSV-EN054 Attack and Receive Common 63689843 Normal Trap Card
PSV-EN055 Solemn Wishes Common 35346968 Continuous Trap Card
PSV-EN056 Skull Invitation Rare 98139712 Continuous Trap Card
PSV-EN057 Bubonic Vermin Common 06104968 Effect Monster
PSV-EN058 Dark Bat Common 67049542 Normal Monster
PSV-EN059 Oni Tank T-34 Common 66927994 Normal Monster
PSV-EN060 Overdrive Common 02311603 Normal Monster
PSV-EN061 Burning Land Common 24294108 Continuous Spell Card
PSV-EN062 Cold Wave Common 60682203 Normal Spell Card
PSV-EN063 Fairy Meteor Crush Super Rare 97687912 Equip Spell Card
PSV-EN064 Limiter Removal Super Rare 23171610 Quick-Play Spell Card
PSV-EN065 Rain of Mercy Common 66719324 Normal Spell Card
PSV-EN066 Monster Recovery Rare 93108433 Quick-Play Spell Card
PSV-EN067 Shift Rare 59560625 Normal Trap Card
PSV-EN068 Insect Imitation Common 96965364 Normal Spell Card
PSV-EN069 Dimensionhole Rare 22959079 Normal Spell Card
PSV-EN070 Ground Collapse Common 90502999 Continuous Spell Card
PSV-EN071 Magic Drain Rare 59344077 Counter Trap Card
PSV-EN072 Infinite Dismissal Common 54109233 Continuous Trap Card
PSV-EN073 Gravity Bind Rare 85742772 Continuous Trap Card
PSV-EN074 Type Zero Magic Crusher Common 21237481 Continuous Trap Card
PSV-EN075 Shadow of Eyes Common 58621589 Normal Trap Card
PSV-EN076 The Legendary Fisherman Ultra Rare 03643300 Effect Monster
PSV-EN077 Sword Hunter Common 51345461 Effect Monster
PSV-EN078 Drill Bug Common 88733579 Effect Monster
PSV-EN079 Deepsea Warrior Common 24128274 Effect Monster
PSV-EN080 Bite Shoes Common 50122883 Effect Monster
PSV-EN081 Spikebot Common 87511987 Normal Monster
PSV-EN082 Invitation to a Dark Sleep Common 52675689 Effect Monster
PSV-EN083 Thousand-Eyes Idol Common 27125110 Normal Monster
PSV-EN084 Thousand-Eyes Restrict Ultra Rare 63519819 Fusion Monster
PSV-EN085 Girochin Kuwagata Common 84620194 Normal Monster
PSV-EN086 Hayabusa Knight Rare 21015833 Effect Monster
PSV-EN087 Bombardment Beetle Common 57409948 Effect Monster
PSV-EN088 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom Common 83994646 Effect Monster
PSV-EN089 Gradius Common 10992251 Normal Monster
PSV-EN090 Vampire Baby (as "Red-Moon Baby") Rare 56387350 Effect Monster
PSV-EN091 Mad Sword Beast Rare 79870141 Effect Monster
PSV-EN092 Skull Mariner Common 05265750 Normal Monster
PSV-EN093 The All-Seeing White Tiger Common 32269855 Normal Monster
PSV-EN094 Goblin Attack Force Ultra Rare 78658564 Effect Monster
PSV-EN095 Island Turtle Common 04042268 Normal Monster
PSV-EN096 Wingweaver Common 31447217 Normal Monster
PSV-EN097 Science Soldier Common 67532912 Normal Monster
PSV-EN098 Souls of the Forgotten Common 04920010 Normal Monster
PSV-EN099 Dokuroyaiba Common 30325729 Normal Monster
PSV-EN100 The Fiend Megacyber Ultra Rare 66362965 Effect Monster
PSV-EN101 Gearfried the Iron Knight Super Rare 00423705 Effect Monster
PSV-EN102 Insect Barrier Common 23615409 Continuous Spell Card
PSV-EN103 Beast of Talwar Ultra Rare 11761845 Normal Monster
PSV-EN104 Imperial Order Secret Rare 61740673 Continuous Trap Card
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