"Performapal", còn gọi là "Entermate" (EM(エンタメイト) Entameito) ở OCG và manga bản Anh, là một archetype được dùng bởi Sakaki Yuya trong anime và manga Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V. Chúng được ra mắt trong Duelist Alliance.

Tạo hình

Ngoại hình

The archetype is primarily designed around circus animals, donning apparel such as top hats and polka dot bow ties. Yuya uses the archetype's diversity in appearance to traverse around the Duel Fields, using "Whip Snake" to scale high buildings and "Skeeter Skimmer" to travel across water. Many of the members of this archetype have a coloured star on their bodies.

Từ Nguyên

Both the English and Japanese names are simple portmanteaus: "Performapal" is a portmanteau of "performance" and "pal", while "Entermate" is a portmanteau of "entertainment" and "mate".

Lối chơi

"Performapal" monsters possess varied effects, many of them manipulating ATK and DEF. Since "Performapal" is currently the archetype with the most Pendulum Monsters, it has high probability of becoming a Pendulum Summon-centered archetype. By using the effects that manipulate attack and defense points, you can inflict a lot of damage using the effect of Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. However, most "Performapal" monsters with the ability to manipulate ATK and DEF have low ATK themselves, making this difficult to pull off. A good card to play in the deck is Horn of the Phantom Beast. Equipping it to Performapal Warrior Tiger turns it into a 2500 ATK Beatstick and Searcher, and adds some draw power.

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