"Morphtronic", hay là "Deformer" ((ディフォーマー) Difōmā) trong phiên bản Nhật, là một archetype các quái thú ra mắt trong Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's được dùng bởi Rua và được giới thiệu trong Crossroads of Chaos.

They are depicted in how they "morph" when they change their Battle Position, which changes their effect(s) and appearance (humanoid form in Attack Position; item form in Defense Position). They transform into small "electronic" household items, like magnets and mobile phones. Despite their appearances, "Morphtronics" are not all Machine-Type monsters and they also represent a wide array of Attributes.

Thành viên

Morphtronic Thiết bị Cơ sở
Boarden Skateboard
Boomboxen Boombox
Cameran Camera
Celfon Cellphone
Clocken Alarm clock
Datatron Lighter/2GB Flash Drive
Lantron Flashlight
Magnen Magnet
Magnen Bar Bar magnet
Radion Radio
Remoten Remote control/MP3 Player
Scopen Microscope
Slingen Slingshot
Smartfon Smartphone
Staplen Stapler
Vacuumen Vacuum cleaner
Videon Video camera

Điểm yếu

Due to these monster's effects depending on what Battle Position they are in, cards like "Final Attack Orders" and "Level Limit - Area A" will destroy their play style. Also, since almost every "Morphtronic" monster is Level of 3 or lower, cards like "Infinite Dismissal", "Nanobreaker" and "Possessed Dark Soul" would help prevent the opponent from swarming you with them. "Deck Devastation Virus", "Power Filter" and "King Tiger Wanghu" will completely cripple you due to the fact that all "Morphtronic" monsters have less than 1500 ATK. "Skill Drain" and "Mind Drain" also threatens heavily against their monster effect reliance, as does "Effect Veiler".

Since nearly all "Morphtronic" monsters are Machine-Type monsters, "System Down" is an extremely dangerous card for this Deck. Furthermore it would also render cards like "Junk Box" and "Machine Assembly Line" useless. As most commonly used "Morphtronic" monsters are Machine-Type monsters, "Chimeratech Fortress Dragon" can severely cripple a good field of "Morphtronic" monsters. "Power Tool Dragon" and "Morphtronic Forcefield" cannot prevent this because they are all being used as Fusion Material Monsters.

There are also a lot of Equip Spell Cards in this series and the "Morphtronics" will often rely on them for big plays. This can be hampered with cards like "Dark Highlander", "Eternal Rest", "Really Eternal Rest", "The Emperor's Holiday", "Armored Glass", "Armor Break", "Disarmament" and "Collected Power".

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