Metal Raiders is a Booster Pack, which is a combination of the Japanese sets Revival of Black Demons Dragon and Metal Raiders.

The set has been released in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG) in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish and in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG) in Asian-English and Korean. There are three separate prints for the TCG English; North American, European and Worldwide. The Worldwide English set was released in Master Collection Volume 1.

In 2010, an Unlimited Edition North American version of the set (MRD-XXX) was reprinted again and released with the Legendary Collection.

The OCG and TCG sets contain the same cards, but differ slightly in terms of card rarity.


Metal Raiders was the first TCG set to contain Counter Trap Cards, such as "Magic Jammer", and Common Fusion Monsters, such as "Deepsea Shark". It has a wide selection of Effect Monsters compared to the few in the previous set, Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon.

Highly sought after cards include "Mirror Force", "Solemn Judgment", and "Heavy Storm".

Metal Raiders is the largest non-reprint set to date, with 144 cards.

Phân tích

In the TCG and Asian-English sets, each pack contained 9 cards and each box contained 24 packs. In Korean each pack contained 10 cards.

The TCG set contained 144 cards, comprised of:

The Asian-English and Korean OCG set contained 144 cards, comprised of:

Hình ảnh

Danh sách

Metal Raiders
(TCG - Worldwide English)
Số Set Tên lá bài Độ hiếm Số series Thể loại
MRD-EN000 Gate Guardian Secret Rare Effect Monster
MRD-EN001 Feral Imp Common 41392891 Normal Monster
MRD-EN002 Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 Common 87796900 Normal Monster
MRD-EN003 Summoned Skull Ultra Rare 70781052 Normal Monster
MRD-EN004 Rock Ogre Grotto #1 Common 68846917 Normal Monster
MRD-EN005 Armored Lizard Common 15480588 Normal Monster
MRD-EN006 Killer Needle Common 88979991 Normal Monster
MRD-EN007 Larvae Moth Common 87756343 Effect Monster
MRD-EN008 Harpie Lady Common 76812113 Normal Monster
MRD-EN009 Harpie Lady Sisters Super Rare 12206212 Effect Monster
MRD-EN010 Kojikocy Common 01184620 Normal Monster
MRD-EN011 Cocoon of Evolution Short Print 40240595 Effect Monster
MRD-EN012 Crawling Dragon Common 67494157 Normal Monster
MRD-EN013 Armored Zombie Common 20277860 Normal Monster
MRD-EN014 Mask of Darkness Rare 28933734 Effect Monster
MRD-EN015 Doma The Angel of Silence Common 16972957 Normal Monster
MRD-EN016 White Magical Hat Rare 15150365 Effect Monster
MRD-EN017 Big Eye Common 16768387 Effect Monster
MRD-EN018 B. Skull Dragon Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
MRD-EN019 Masked Sorcerer Rare 10189126 Effect Monster
MRD-EN020 Roaring Ocean Snake Common 19066538 Fusion Monster
MRD-EN021 Water Omotics Common 02483611 Normal Monster
MRD-EN022 Ground Attacker Bugroth Common 58314394 Normal Monster
MRD-EN023 Petit Moth Common 58192742 Normal Monster
MRD-EN024 Elegant Egotist Rare 90219263 Normal Spell Card
MRD-EN025 Sanga of the Thunder Super Rare 25955164 Effect Monster
MRD-EN026 Kazejin Super Rare 62340868 Effect Monster
MRD-EN027 Suijin Super Rare 98434877 Effect Monster
MRD-EN028 Mystic Lamp Short Print 98049915 Effect Monster
MRD-EN029 Steel Scorpion Common 13599884 Effect Monster
MRD-EN030 Ocubeam Common 86088138 Normal Monster
MRD-EN031 Leghul Short Print 12472242 Effect Monster
MRD-EN032 Ooguchi Short Print 58861941 Effect Monster
MRD-EN033 Leogun Common 10538007 Normal Monster
MRD-EN034 Blast Juggler Common 70138455 Effect Monster
MRD-EN035 Jinzo #7 Short Print 32809211 Effect Monster
MRD-EN036 Magician of Faith Rare 31560081 Effect Monster
MRD-EN037 Ancient Elf Common 93221206 Normal Monster
MRD-EN038 Deepsea Shark Common 28593363 Fusion Monster
MRD-EN039 Bottom Dweller Common 81386177 Normal Monster
MRD-EN040 Destroyer Golem Common 73481154 Normal Monster
MRD-EN041 Kaminari Attack Common 09653271 Fusion Monster
MRD-EN042 Rainbow Flower Short Print 21347810 Effect Monster
MRD-EN043 Morinphen Common 55784832 Normal Monster
MRD-EN044 Mega Thunderball Common 21817254 Normal Monster
MRD-EN045 Tongyo Common 69572024 Normal Monster
MRD-EN046 Empress Judge Common 15237615 Fusion Monster
MRD-EN047 Pale Beast Common 21263083 Normal Monster
MRD-EN048 Electric Lizard Common 55875323 Effect Monster
MRD-EN049 Hunter Spider Common 80141480 Normal Monster
MRD-EN050 Ancient Lizard Warrior Common 43230671 Normal Monster
MRD-EN051 Queen's Double Short Print 05901497 Effect Monster
MRD-EN052 Trent Common 78780140 Normal Monster
MRD-EN053 Disk Magician Common 76446915 Normal Monster
MRD-EN054 Hyosube Common 02118022 Normal Monster
MRD-EN055 Hibikime Common 64501875 Normal Monster
MRD-EN056 Fake Trap Rare 03027001 Normal Trap Card
MRD-EN057 Tribute to the Doomed Super Rare 79759861 Normal Spell Card
MRD-EN058 Soul Release Common 05758500 Normal Spell Card
MRD-EN059 The Cheerful Coffin Common 41142615 Normal Spell Card
MRD-EN060 Change of Heart Ultra Rare 04031928 Normal Spell Card
MRD-EN061 Baby Dragon Short Print 88819587 Normal Monster
MRD-EN062 Blackland Fire Dragon Common 87564352 Normal Monster
MRD-EN063 Swamp Battleguard Common 40453765 Effect Monster
MRD-EN064 Battle Steer Common 18246479 Normal Monster
MRD-EN065 Time Wizard Ultra Rare 71625222 Effect Monster
MRD-EN066 Saggi the Dark Clown Common 66602787 Normal Monster
MRD-EN067 Dragon Piper Common 55763552 Effect Monster
MRD-EN068 Illusionist Faceless Mage Common 28546905 Normal Monster
MRD-EN069 Sangan Rare 26202165 Effect Monster
MRD-EN070 Great Moth Rare 14141448 Effect Monster
MRD-EN071 Kuriboh Super Rare 40640057 Effect Monster
MRD-EN072 Jellyfish Common 14851496 Normal Monster
MRD-EN073 Castle of Dark Illusions Common 00062121 Effect Monster
MRD-EN074 King of Yamimakai Common 69455834 Normal Monster
MRD-EN075 Catapult Turtle Super Rare 95727991 Effect Monster
MRD-EN076 Mystic Horseman Common 68516705 Normal Monster
MRD-EN077 Rabid Horseman Common 94905343 Fusion Monster
MRD-EN078 Crass Clown Short Print 93889755 Effect Monster
MRD-EN079 Pumpking the King of Ghosts Common 29155212 Effect Monster
MRD-EN080 Dream Clown Short Print 13215230 Effect Monster
MRD-EN081 Tainted Wisdom Common 28725004 Effect Monster
MRD-EN082 Ancient Brain Common 42431843 Normal Monster
MRD-EN083 Guardian of the Labyrinth Common 89272878 Normal Monster
MRD-EN084 Prevent Rat Common 00549481 Normal Monster
MRD-EN085 The Little Swordsman of Aile Common 25109950 Effect Monster
MRD-EN086 Princess of Tsurugi Rare 51371017 Effect Monster
MRD-EN087 Protector of the Throne Common 10071456 Normal Monster
MRD-EN088 Tremendous Fire Common 46918794 Normal Spell Card
MRD-EN089 Jirai Gumo Common 94773007 Effect Monster
MRD-EN090 Shadow Ghoul Rare 30778711 Effect Monster
MRD-EN091 Labyrinth Tank Common 99551425 Fusion Monster
MRD-EN092 Ryu-Kishin Powered Common 24611934 Normal Monster
MRD-EN093 Bickuribox Common 25655502 Fusion Monster
MRD-EN094 Giltia the D. Knight Common 51828629 Fusion Monster
MRD-EN095 Launcher Spider Common 87322377 Normal Monster
MRD-EN096 Giga-Tech Wolf Common 08471389 Normal Monster
MRD-EN097 Thunder Dragon Short Print 31786629 Effect Monster
MRD-EN098 7 Colored Fish Common 23771716 Normal Monster
MRD-EN099 The Immortal of Thunder Common 84926738 Effect Monster
MRD-EN100 Punished Eagle Common 74703140 Fusion Monster
MRD-EN101 Insect Soldiers of the Sky Common 07019529 Effect Monster
MRD-EN102 Hoshiningen Rare 67629977 Effect Monster
MRD-EN103 Musician King Common 56907389 Fusion Monster
MRD-EN104 Yado Karu Common 29380133 Effect Monster
MRD-EN105 Cyber Saurus Common 89112729 Fusion Monster
MRD-EN106 Cannon Soldier Rare 11384280 Effect Monster
MRD-EN107 Muka Muka Rare 46657337 Effect Monster
MRD-EN108 The Bistro Butcher Common 71107816 Effect Monster
MRD-EN109 Star Boy Rare 08201910 Effect Monster
MRD-EN110 Milus Radiant Rare 07489323 Effect Monster
MRD-EN111 Flame Cerebrus Common 60862676 Normal Monster
MRD-EN112 Niwatori Common 07805359 Normal Monster
MRD-EN113 Dark Elf Rare 21417692 Effect Monster
MRD-EN114 Mushroom Man #2 Common 93900406 Effect Monster
MRD-EN115 Lava Battleguard Common 20394040 Effect Monster
MRD-EN116 Witch of the Black Forest Rare 78010363 Effect Monster
MRD-EN117 Little Chimera Rare 68658728 Effect Monster
MRD-EN118 Bladefly Rare 28470714 Effect Monster
MRD-EN119 Lady of Faith Common 17358176 Normal Monster
MRD-EN120 Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon Super Rare 54752875 Fusion Monster
MRD-EN121 Witch's Apprentice Rare 80741828 Effect Monster
MRD-EN122 Blue-Winged Crown Common 41396436 Normal Monster
MRD-EN123 Skull Knight Common 02504891 Fusion Monster
MRD-EN124 Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts Short Print 05818798 Normal Monster
MRD-EN125 Garnecia Elefantis Super Rare 49888191 Normal Monster
MRD-EN126 Barrel Dragon Ultra Rare 81480460 Effect Monster
MRD-EN127 Solemn Judgment Ultra Rare 41420027 Counter Trap Card
MRD-EN128 Magic Jammer Ultra Rare 77414722 Counter Trap Card
MRD-EN129 Seven Tools of the Bandit Ultra Rare 03819470 Counter Trap Card
MRD-EN130 Horn of Heaven Ultra Rare 98069388 Counter Trap Card
MRD-EN131 Shield & Sword Rare 52097679 Normal Spell Card
MRD-EN132 Sword of Deep-Seated Common 98495314 Equip Spell Card
MRD-EN133 Block Attack Common 25880422 Normal Spell Card
MRD-EN134 The Unhappy Maiden Short Print 51275027 Effect Monster
MRD-EN135 Robbin' Goblin Rare 88279736 Continuous Trap Card
MRD-EN136 Germ Infection Common 24668830 Equip Spell Card
MRD-EN137 Paralyzing Potion Common 50152549 Equip Spell Card
MRD-EN138 Mirror Force Ultra Rare 44095762 Normal Trap Card
MRD-EN139 Ring of Magnetism Common 20436034 Equip Spell Card
MRD-EN140 Share the Pain Common 56830749 Normal Spell Card
MRD-EN141 Stim-Pack Short Print 83225447 Equip Spell Card
MRD-EN142 Heavy Storm Super Rare 19613556 Normal Spell Card
MRD-EN143 Thousand Dragon Secret Rare 41462083 Fusion Monster
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