Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon là set đầu tiên của Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. Nó được phát hành lần đầu vào 8 tháng 3 năm 2002[1][2][3] ở Bắc Mỹ và Châu Âu bằng tiếng Anh, Pháp, Đức, Ý, và Tây Ban Nha; vào ngày 8 tháng 8 năm 2002[4] ở Nhật bằng tiếng Anh-Châu Á; và vào 9 tháng 12 năm 2003[5] ở Nam Hàn bằng tiếng Hàn.

The set has been released in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game in English in North America, Europe, Oceania, and worldwide, and in French in France and Canada, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish and in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game in Asian-English and Korean.

With many cards from the manga and anime series, the 126 cards in this English set were chosen from the Japanese packs Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon and Phantom God, the former of which this set is named after. Since discontinued by Upper Deck Entertainment, these packs are particularly prized; not only for the rare "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", but also for the five limbs of "Exodia the Forbidden One", which first appeared in this set as well.

Later, a modified version of the North American Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon was released in English, French, German, and Italian in Europe. With only 103 of the original 126 cards, however, it sparked some protests in Europe from fans who disliked being deprived of cards accessible to people in the United States and Canada. This situation was resolved somewhat by printing many of the withheld cards in the European release of Magic Ruler, and the later decision by Upper Deck to remove the regional restriction on cards, opening up the North American card market to European collectors and players.

The worldwide version of the set, identical to the North American version except that the Set Numbers contained "LOB-EN", was released with Master Collection Volume 1.

In 2010, an Unlimited Edition North American version of the set (LOB-XXX) was reprinted again and released with the Legendary Collection.

The set was re-released in South Korea in Korean on March 10, 2011.[5]

Đặc trưng

Highly sought-after cards include the "Exodia" set, "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", "Dark Magician", "Swords of Revealing Light" and "Raigeki".

As the first set in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon introduced players to the game. Important features and concepts introduced with this set include Normal, Effect, Flip Effect and Fusion Monsters, as well as the concepts of Normal, Tribute, and Fusion Summoning. It also introduced players to Normal, Equip, and Field Spell Cards, and Normal and Continuous Trap Cards. Cards in this set introduced the Series 3 layout.

Many of the cards have simplistic or no effects, making them useful for introducing players to the game.

The cover card is "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".

Phân tích

Each TCG and Asian-English pack contained 9 cards and each box contained 24 packs. Each Korean pack contained 10 cards and each box contained 30 packs. In the Korean rerelease, each pack contained 5 cards and each box contained 30 packs.

The North American English, Oceanic English, Worldwide English, French-Canadian, Portuguese, Spanish, Asian-English, Korean and Korean re-release prints of this set contained 126 cards, including:

The European English, French, German and Italian prints of this set contained 103 cards, including:

  • 2 Secret Rare
  • 10 Ultra Rare
  • 9 Super Rare
  • 15 Rare
  • 67 Common

Hình ảnh

Danh sách

Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon
(TCG - Worldwide English)
Số Set Tên lá bài Độ hiếm Số series Thể loại
LOB-EN000 Tri-Horned Dragon Secret Rare 39111158 Normal Monster
LOB-EN001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Ultra Rare 89631139 Normal Monster
LOB-EN002 Hitotsu-Me Giant Common 76184692 Normal Monster
LOB-EN003 Flame Swordsman Super Rare 45231177 Fusion Monster
LOB-EN004 Skull Servant Common 32274490 Normal Monster
LOB-EN005 Dark Magician Ultra Rare 46986414 Normal Monster
LOB-EN006 Gaia the Fierce Knight Ultra Rare 06368038 Normal Monster
LOB-EN007 Celtic Guardian Super Rare 91152256 Normal Monster
LOB-EN008 Basic Insect Common 89091579 Normal Monster
LOB-EN009 Mammoth Graveyard Common 40374923 Normal Monster
LOB-EN010 Silver Fang Common 90357090 Normal Monster
LOB-EN011 Dark Gray Common 09159938 Normal Monster
LOB-EN012 Trial of Nightmare Common 77827521 Normal Monster
LOB-EN013 Nemuriko Common 90963488 Normal Monster
LOB-EN014 The 13th Grave Common 00032864 Normal Monster
LOB-EN015 Charubin the Fire Knight Rare 37421579 Fusion Monster
LOB-EN016 Flame Manipulator Common 34460851 Normal Monster
LOB-EN017 Monster Egg Common 36121917 Normal Monster
LOB-EN018 Firegrass Common 53293545 Normal Monster
LOB-EN019 Darkfire Dragon Rare 17881964 Fusion Monster
LOB-EN020 Dark King of the Abyss Common 53375573 Normal Monster
LOB-EN021 Fiend Reflection #2 Common 02863439 Normal Monster
LOB-EN022 Fusionist Rare 01641882 Fusion Monster
LOB-EN023 Turtle Tiger Common 37313348 Normal Monster
LOB-EN024 Petit Dragon Common 75356564 Normal Monster
LOB-EN025 Petit Angel Common 38142739 Normal Monster
LOB-EN026 Hinotama Soul Common 96851799 Normal Monster
LOB-EN027 Aqua Madoor Rare 85639257 Normal Monster
LOB-EN028 Kagemusha of the Blue Flame Common 15401633 Normal Monster
LOB-EN029 Flame Ghost Rare 58528964 Fusion Monster
LOB-EN030 Two-Mouth Darkruler Common 57305373 Normal Monster
LOB-EN031 Dissolverock Common 40826495 Normal Monster
LOB-EN032 Root Water Common 39004808 Normal Monster
LOB-EN033 The Furious Sea King Common 18710707 Normal Monster
LOB-EN034 Green Phantom King Common 22910685 Normal Monster
LOB-EN035 Ray & Temperature Common 85309439 Normal Monster
LOB-EN036 King Fog Common 84686841 Normal Monster
LOB-EN037 Mystical Sheep #2 Common 83464209 Normal Monster
LOB-EN038 Masaki the Legendary Swordsman Common 44287299 Normal Monster
LOB-EN039 Kurama Common 85705804 Normal Monster
LOB-EN040 Legendary Sword Short Print 61854111 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN041 Beast Fangs Short Print 46009906 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN042 Violet Crystal Short Print 15052462 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN043 Book of Secret Arts Short Print 91595718 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN044 Power of Kaishin Short Print 77027445 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN045 Dragon Capture Jar Rare 50045299 Continuous Trap Card
LOB-EN046 Forest Common 87430998 Field Spell Card
LOB-EN047 Wasteland Common 23424603 Field Spell Card
LOB-EN048 Mountain Common 50913601 Field Spell Card
LOB-EN049 Sogen Common 86318356 Field Spell Card
LOB-EN050 Umi Common 22702055 Field Spell Card
LOB-EN051 Yami Common 59197169 Field Spell Card
LOB-EN052 Dark Hole Super Rare 53129443 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN053 Raigeki Super Rare 12580477 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN054 Red Medicine Common 38199696 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN055 Sparks Common 76103675 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN056 Hinotama Common 46130346 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN057 Fissure Rare 66788016 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN058 Trap Hole Super Rare 04206964 Normal Trap Card
LOB-EN059 Polymerization Super Rare 24094653 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN060 Remove Trap Common 51482758 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN061 Two-Pronged Attack Rare 83887306 Normal Trap Card
LOB-EN062 Mystical Elf Super Rare 15025844 Normal Monster
LOB-EN063 Tyhone Common 72842870 Normal Monster
LOB-EN064 Beaver Warrior Common 32452818 Normal Monster
LOB-EN065 Gravedigger Ghoul Rare 82542267 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN066 Curse of Dragon Super Rare 28279543 Normal Monster
LOB-EN067 Karbonala Warrior Rare 54541900 Fusion Monster
LOB-EN068 Giant Soldier of Stone Rare 13039848 Normal Monster
LOB-EN069 Uraby Common 01784619 Normal Monster
LOB-EN070 Red-Eyes B. Dragon Ultra Rare 74677422 Normal Monster
LOB-EN071 Reaper of the Cards Rare 33066139 Flip Effect Monster
LOB-EN072 Witty Phantom Common 36304921 Normal Monster
LOB-EN073 Larvas Common 94675535 Normal Monster
LOB-EN074 Hard Armor Common 20060230 Normal Monster
LOB-EN075 Man Eater Common 93553943 Normal Monster
LOB-EN076 M-Warrior #1 Common 56342351 Normal Monster
LOB-EN077 M-Warrior #2 Common 92731455 Normal Monster
LOB-EN078 Spirit of the Harp Rare 80770678 Normal Monster
LOB-EN079 Armaill Common 53153481 Normal Monster
LOB-EN080 Terra the Terrible Common 63308047 Normal Monster
LOB-EN081 Frenzied Panda Common 98818516 Normal Monster
LOB-EN082 Kumootoko Common 56283725 Normal Monster
LOB-EN083 Meda Bat Common 76211194 Normal Monster
LOB-EN084 Enchanting Mermaid Common 75376965 Normal Monster
LOB-EN085 Fireyarou Common 71407486 Normal Monster
LOB-EN086 Dragoness the Wicked Knight Rare 70681994 Fusion Monster
LOB-EN087 One-Eyed Shield Dragon Common 33064647 Normal Monster
LOB-EN088 Dark Energy Short Print 04614116 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN089 Laser Cannon Armor Short Print 77007920 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN090 Vile Germs Short Print 39774685 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN091 Silver Bow and Arrow Short Print 01557499 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN092 Dragon Treasure Short Print 01435851 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN093 Electro-Whip Short Print 37820550 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN094 Mystical Moon Short Print 36607978 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN095 Stop Defense Rare 63102017 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN096 Machine Conversion Factory Short Print 25769732 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN097 Raise Body Heat Super Short Print 51267887 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN098 Follow Wind Super Short Print 98252586 Equip Spell Card
LOB-EN099 Goblin's Secret Remedy Rare 11868825 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN100 Final Flame Rare 73134081 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN101 Swords of Revealing Light Super Rare 72302403 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN102 Metal Dragon Rare 09293977 Fusion Monster
LOB-EN103 Spike Seadra Common 85326399 Normal Monster
LOB-EN104 Tripwire Beast Common 45042329 Normal Monster
LOB-EN105 Skull Red Bird Common 10202894 Normal Monster
LOB-EN106 Armed Ninja Rare 09076207 Flip Effect Monster
LOB-EN107 Flower Wolf Rare 95952802 Fusion Monster
LOB-EN108 Man-Eater Bug Super Rare 54652250 Flip Effect Monster
LOB-EN109 Sand Stone Common 73051941 Normal Monster
LOB-EN110 Hane-Hane Rare 07089711 Flip Effect Monster
LOB-EN111 Misairuzame Common 33178416 Normal Monster
LOB-EN112 Steel Ogre Grotto #1 Common 33178416 Normal Monster
LOB-EN113 Lesser Dragon Common 55444629 Normal Monster
LOB-EN114 Darkworld Thorns Common 43500484 Normal Monster
LOB-EN115 Drooling Lizard Common 16353197 Normal Monster
LOB-EN116 Armored Starfish Common 17535588 Normal Monster
LOB-EN117 Succubus Knight Common 55291359 Normal Monster
LOB-EN118 Monster Reborn Ultra Rare 55291359 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN119 Pot of Greed Rare 55144522 Normal Spell Card
LOB-EN120 Right Leg of the Forbidden One Ultra Rare 08124921 Normal Monster
LOB-EN121 Left Leg of the Forbidden One Ultra Rare 44519536 Normal Monster
LOB-EN122 Right Arm of the Forbidden One Ultra Rare 07902349 Normal Monster
LOB-EN123 Left Arm of the Forbidden One Ultra Rare 07902349 Normal Monster
LOB-EN124 Exodia the Forbidden One Ultra Rare 33396948 Effect Monster
LOB-EN125 Gaia the Dragon Champion Secret Rare 66889139 Fusion Monster

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