Labyrinth of Nightmare is a Booster Pack that is an amalgamation of the Japanese sets Labyrinth of Nightmare and Spell of Mask.

Labyrinth of Nightmare has been released in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG) in English, French, German and Italian and in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG) in Asian-English and Korean. There are three separate prints for the TCG English: North American, European and Worldwide.

This set was also released in the Tactical Evolution: Special Edition, where it used European set numbers LON-E###, despite being released internationally.

In 2004, a worldwide English version of the set (LOB-ENXXX) was printed in the Master Collection Volume 1. In all regions, this printing included the cards from the original North American release. This print made errata on many cards, including changing the term Magic Card to Spell Card.

Đặc trưng

This set has cards mainly used by the Rare Hunters Lumis, Umbra, and Strings, as well as Mako Tsunami, Joey Wheeler and Yami Bakura. It also uses a lot of female cards, as well as the Attribute Spirits. It contains the "Destiny Board" cards and "Gemini Elf", the first TCG Normal Monster with 1900 ATK that requires no Tributes.

Highly sought-after cards include "Torrential Tribute", "United We Stand", "Dark Necrofear", and "Magic Cylinder".

This set was the first TCG Booster Pack to feature a non-monster card as the cover card.

Phân tích

In the Asian-English and TCG versions of this set, each pack contained 9 cards and each box contained 24 packs. In the Korean version, each pack contained 10 cards.

The set contained 105 cards, consisting of:

Thư viện ảnh

Danh sách

Labyrinth of Nightmare
(TCG - Worldwide English)
Số Set Tên lá bài Độ hiếm Số series Thể loại
LON-EN000 Gemini Elf Secret Rare 69140098 Normal Monster
LON-EN001 The Masked Beast Ultra Rare 49064413 Ritual Monster
LON-EN002 Swordsman of Landstar Common 03573512 Normal Monster
LON-EN003 Humanoid Slime Common 46821314 Normal Monster
LON-EN004 Worm Drake Common 73216412 Normal Monster
LON-EN005 Humanoid Worm Drake Common 05600127 Fusion Monster
LON-EN006 Revival Jam Super Rare 31709826 Effect Monster
LON-EN007 Flying Fish Common 31987274 Normal Monster
LON-EN008 Amphibian Beast Rare 67371383 Normal Monster
LON-EN009 Shining Abyss Common 87303357 Normal Monster
LON-EN010 Gadget Soldier Common 86281779 Normal Monster
LON-EN011 Grand Tiki Elder Common 13676474 Normal Monster
LON-EN012 Melchid the Four-Face Beast Common 86569121 Normal Monster
LON-EN013 Nuvia the Wicked Rare 12953226 Effect Monster
LON-EN014 Chosen One Common 21888494 Normal Spell Card
LON-EN015 Mask of Weakness Common 57882509 Normal Trap Card
LON-EN016 Curse of the Masked Beast Common 94377247 Ritual Spell Card
LON-EN017 Mask of Dispel Super Rare 20765952 Continuous Spell Card
LON-EN018 Mask of Restrict Ultra Rare 29549364 Continuous Trap Card
LON-EN019 Mask of the Accursed Super Rare 56948373 Equip Spell Card
LON-EN020 Mask of Brutality Rare 82432018 Equip Spell Card
LON-EN021 Return of the Doomed Rare 19827717 Normal Spell Card
LON-EN022 Lightning Blade Common 55226821 Equip Spell Card
LON-EN023 Tornado Wall Common 18605135 Continuous Trap Card
LON-EN024 Fairy Box Common 21598948 Continuous Trap Card
LON-EN025 Torrential Tribute Ultra Rare 53582587 Normal Trap Card
LON-EN026 Jam Breeding Machine Rare 21770260 Continuous Spell Card
LON-EN027 Infinite Cards Rare 94163677 Continuous Spell Card
LON-EN028 Jam Defender Common 21558682 Continuous Trap Card
LON-EN029 Card of Safe Return Ultra Rare 57953380 Continuous Spell Card
LON-EN030 Lady Panther Common 38480590 Effect Monster
LON-EN031 The Unfriendly Amazon Common 65475294 Effect Monster
LON-EN032 Amazoness Archer Common 91869203 Effect Monster
LON-EN033 Crimson Sentry Common 28358902 Effect Monster
LON-EN034 Fire Princess Super Rare 64752646 Effect Monster
LON-EN035 Lady Assailant of Flames Common 90147755 Effect Monster
LON-EN036 Fire Sorcerer Common 27132350 Effect Monster
LON-EN037 Spirit of the Breeze Rare 53530069 Effect Monster
LON-EN038 Dancing Fairy Common 90925163 Effect Monster
LON-EN039 Fairy Guardian Common 22419772 Effect Monster
LON-EN040 Empress Mantis Common 58818411 Normal Monster
LON-EN041 Cure Mermaid Common 85802526 Effect Monster
LON-EN042 Hysteric Fairy Common 21297224 Effect Monster
LON-EN043 Bio-Mage Common 58696829 Normal Monster
LON-EN044 The Forgiving Maiden Common 84080938 Effect Monster
LON-EN045 St. Joan Common 21175632 Fusion Monster
LON-EN046 Marie the Fallen One Rare 57579381 Effect Monster
LON-EN047 Jar of Greed Super Rare 83968380 Normal Trap Card
LON-EN048 Scroll of Bewitchment Common 10352095 Equip Spell Card
LON-EN049 United We Stand Ultra Rare 56747793 Equip Spell Card
LON-EN050 Mage Power Ultra Rare 83746708 Equip Spell Card
LON-EN051 Offerings to the Doomed Common 19230407 Quick-Play Spell Card
LON-EN052 The Portrait's Secret Common 32541773 Normal Monster
LON-EN053 The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams Common 68049471 Normal Monster
LON-EN054 Headless Knight Common 05434080 Normal Monster
LON-EN055 Earthbound Spirit Common 67105242 Normal Monster
LON-EN056 The Earl of Demise Common 66989694 Normal Monster
LON-EN057 Boneheimer Common 98456117 Normal Monster
LON-EN058 Flame Dancer Common 12883044 Normal Monster
LON-EN059 Spherous Lady Common 52121290 Normal Monster
LON-EN060 Lightning Conger Common 27671321 Normal Monster
LON-EN061 Jowgen the Spiritualist Rare 41855169 Effect Monster
LON-EN062 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer Super Rare 88240808 Effect Monster
LON-EN063 Summoner of Illusions Common 14644902 Effect Monster
LON-EN064 Bazoo the Soul-Eater Super Rare 40133511 Effect Monster
LON-EN065 Dark Necrofear Ultra Rare 31829185 Effect Monster
LON-EN066 Soul of Purity and Light Common 77527210 Effect Monster
LON-EN067 Spirit of Flames Common 13522325 Effect Monster
LON-EN068 Aqua Spirit Common 40916023 Effect Monster
LON-EN069 The Rock Spirit Common 76305638 Effect Monster
LON-EN070 Garuda the Wind Spirit Common 12800777 Effect Monster
LON-EN071 Gilasaurus Rare 45894482 Effect Monster
LON-EN072 Tornado Bird Rare 71283180 Effect Monster
LON-EN073 Dreamsprite Common 08687195 Effect Monster
LON-EN074 Zombyra the Dark Common 88472456 Effect Monster
LON-EN075 Supply Common 44072894 Effect Monster
LON-EN076 Maryokutai Common 71466592 Effect Monster
LON-EN077 The Last Warrior from Another Planet Ultra Rare 86099788 Fusion Monster
LON-EN078 Collected Power Common 07565547 Normal Trap Card
LON-EN079 Dark Spirit of the Silent Super Rare 93599951 Normal Trap Card
LON-EN080 Royal Command Ultra Rare 33950246 Continuous Trap Card
LON-EN081 Riryoku Field Super Rare 70344351 Counter Trap Card
LON-EN082 Skull Lair Common 06733059 Continuous Trap Card
LON-EN083 Graverobber's Retribution Common 33737664 Continuous Trap Card
LON-EN084 Deal of Phantom Common 69122763 Normal Trap Card
LON-EN085 Destruction Punch Rare 05616412 Normal Trap Card
LON-EN086 Blind Destruction Common 32015116 Continuous Trap Card
LON-EN087 The Emperor's Holiday Common 68400115 Continuous Trap Card
LON-EN088 Destiny Board Ultra Rare 94212438 Continuous Trap Card
LON-EN089 Spirit Message "I" Rare 31893528 Continuous Spell Card
LON-EN090 Spirit Message "N" Rare 67287533 Continuous Spell Card
LON-EN091 Spirit Message "A" Rare 94772232 Continuous Spell Card
LON-EN092 Spirit Message "L" Rare 30170981 Continuous Spell Card
LON-EN093 The Dark Door Common 30606547 Continuous Spell Card
LON-EN094 Spiritualism Rare 15866454 Normal Spell Card
LON-EN095 Cyclon Laser Common 05494820 Equip Spell Card
LON-EN096 Bait Doll Common 07165085 Normal Spell Card
LON-EN097 De-Fusion Super Rare 95286165 Quick-Play Spell Card
LON-EN098 Fusion Gate Common 33550694 Field Spell Card
LON-EN099 Ekibyo Drakmord Common 69954399 Equip Spell Card
LON-EN100 Miracle Dig Common 06343408 Normal Spell Card
LON-EN101 Dragonic Attack Common 32437102 Equip Spell Card
LON-EN102 Spirit Elimination Common 69832741 Normal Spell Card
LON-EN103 Vengeful Bog Spirit Common 95220856 Continuous Spell Card
LON-EN104 Magic Cylinder Secret Rare 62279055 Normal Trap Card
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