"Infernoid" (インフェルノイド, Inferunoido) là một archetype các quái thú HỎA Loại-Ma Quỷ được ra mắt trong Secrets of Eternity. Nó từng là archetype đầu tiên mà quái thú toàn bộ đều là Quái thú Triệu hồi Đặc biệt, cho đến lúc phát hành "Infernoid Decatron" trong Clash of Rebellions. Chúng được hỗ trợ bởi archetype Bài Phép và Bẫy "Void".

Cốt truyện

"Thông điệp từ Inferno những kẻ thiêu rụi mọi thứ trên hành trình của chúng!!

In times immemorial, these messengers of the inferno were sealed away inside the Sacred Tree of the Naturia along with the "Qli". Their forms are said to be based on those of ancient monsters who were seized and captured.[1]

Tạo hình

Ngoại hình

The revealed "Infernoid" monsters look like mechanical demons. Their designs incorporate vintage computer components (such as the decatron) and the descriptions of their corresponding demons (such as Adrammalech "Attondel" having the tail of a peacock). The armor on their bodies is also decorated with the thick, latticework lines, similar to those that also adorn the "Qli" monsters, from which the "Infernoids" emanate. In general, each "Infernoid" has a number of canisters (as seen in "Void Seer") on their body equal to their Level, and are colored according to the spheres of their corresponding "Qli" monster.

Từ Nguyên

The name of the archetype is a combination of the words Inferno/Infernal and Android.

In the OCG — Each of the revealed Level 7 and lower "Infernoid" monsters' names are corruptions of the names of Biblical/Kabbalistic demons, such as "Lucifuge" and "Beelzebub". The revealed high-Level monsters, such as "Nehemoth" and "Adramelech", use non-corrupted versions. Their Spell and Trap Cards are named after the Purgatory.

In the TCG — Presumably to avoid references to the occult or demonic entities, each "Infernoid" monster is named after an ordinal number in a different language that corresponds to its own Level ("Antra", for example, means "second" in Lithuanian, while "Onuncu" is Turkish/Azerbaijani for "tenth"). Their Spell/Trap support is termed Void.

Sự Tương Ứng

Cấp sao Thạch Huy Tên Anh (TCG) Tên Nhật (OCG) Ngôn ngữ của tên TCG Nguyên gốc Qliphoth Qliphort Tương ứng Zefra Đối lập
1 Trắng Pirmais Shaitan Latvian Satan Thaumiel Skybase Zefrasaber
Xám Antra Beelzebul Lithuanian Beelzebub Ghagiel Stealth Zefraxciton
3 Đen Harmadik Lucifugus Hungarian Lucifuge Rofocale Sathariel Shell Zefraniu
4 Xanh Lam Patrulea Astaroth Romanian Astaroth Gha'agsheblah Disk Zefraxi
5 Đỏ Piaty Asmodai Polish Asmodeus Golachab Cephalopod Zefrathuban
6 Vàng Sjette Belphegor Norwegian/Danish Belphegor Thagirion Scout Zeframpilica
7 Xanh lá Seitsemas Ba'al Finnish Baal A'arab Zaraq Carrier Zefrawendi
8 Cam Attondel Adramelech Swedish Adramelech Samael Helix Zefraxa
9 Tím Devyaty Lilith Russian Lilith Gamaliel Monolith Zefranaga
10 Nhiều-màu Onuncu Nehemoth Turkish/Azerbaijani Nehemoth Naamah Towers Zefracore

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