"Chủng Loài Cai Trị" ((ジェネレイド)) is an archetype introduced in Deck Build Pack: Mystic Fighters. It is comprised of multiple Level 9 monsters of various Attributes and Types that focus on Xyz Summoning and swarming.


"Generaider" appears to be based on miscellaneous myths and figures of Norse mythology, while also potentially being a pun on the word "generic", given the use of this archetypes in decks matching their type. This, combined with how some cards reward the opponent for slaying the deities, could be akin to that of a boss fight in a standard JRPG.

Additionally, every monster in this archetype has a Level/Rank of 9, which is likely a reference to the Nine Worlds of Norse cosmology. Each monster has the symbol from the artwork of "Generaider Stage", albeit one of the circles is highlighted a certain color, in order to represent which of the nine worlds they originate from.


Monster Reference Highlighted circle Highlight color World of origin
Dvergs Dwarf Lower middle Orange Svartalfheim
Hroddi Light elves Upper middle Light yellow Álfheim
Hel Hel Bottom Purple Helheim
Ormungandr Jörmungandr Center White Midgard
Mardell Freyja Lower left Green Vanaheim
Naglfar Naglfar/Surtr Lower right Yellow Muspelheim
Nidhegg Nidhogg Upper left Blue Niflheim

Playing style

The "Generaider" playstyle revolves around quickly getting the Field Spell, "Generaider Stage", to the field and utilizing its effects to summon a free "Generaider" monster from the Deck whenever the opponent draws a card, including in the Draw Phase, accompanied by up to 4 "Generaider Token" monsters. From there, you are able to destroy/tribute 1 or more "Generaider" monster(s) and/or monsters that share the same Type as the monster on field for the effects of the various "Generaider" monsters on the field. These effects range from mass Special Summoning from the hand with the Machine monster "Dvergs, Generaider Boss of Iron", singular GY revival with the Zombie monster "Hel, Generaid of Death", destruction protection with the Beast-Warrior monster "Naglfar, Generaider Boss of Flames", Special Summon negation with the Wyrm monster "Nidhegg, Generaider Boss of Ice", and targeted mass monster destruction and drawing with the Warrior monster "Hroddi, Generaider Boss of Swords". The only exception to this is the Plant monster "Mardell, Generaider Boss of Light", who searches a "Generaider" card or a Plant monster on Normal or Special Summon.

From there, the deck is built to play a control situation of using Tokens for effects and swarming the field in Level 9 monsters in order to make powerful Rank 9 Xyz Monsters and/or Link Monsters; such as the boss monster of the deck, the Rank 9 "Ormungandr, Generaider Boss of Eternity", as well as Rank 9 "True King of All Calamities" and even "World Gears of Theurlogical Demiurgy".

Recommended cards

Recommended cards
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