"Frightfur", known as "Death-Toy" (デストーイ Desutōi) in the OCG, is an archetype of DARK Fiend-Type Fusion Monsters used by Sora Shiun'in in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime.



"Frightfur" monsters are based off of corrupted versions of animals from "Fluffal" archetype. They feature a destroyed toy with scissors and a being with two red, glowing eyes residing inside them, giving them a more demonic appearance, in contrast to the "Fluffal" monsters.


"Frightfur" is a pun of "frightful" and "fur". Their Japanese name, "Des-Toy", can be a pun on "destroy". It can also be translated as "Death-Toy", describing their menacing appearances.

Playing style

The "Frightfur" monsters can be summoned by Fusion Summon with "Edge Imp Sabres" as the Fusion Material Monster. They rely primarily on "Fluffal" archetype with boosting effects. The "Des-Toy" monsters have offensive effects that either boost their ATK or grant additional attacks.

Recommended cards

Recommended cards

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