Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck là một Structure Deck trong Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). Nó là Deck thứ 32 trong series Structure Deck của TCG, nối tiếp Master of Pendulum Structure Deck. Deck này ở TCG thì tương đương với Structure Deck R: Advent of the Legendary Monarch trong OCG.

With the addition of several brand-new cards and a ready-to-play Deck that makes these Monsters more powerful than ever, ancient Monarchs are back to rule with the Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck!

The Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck is filled with some of the most imposing Monsters ever made, and they demand Tribute! Monarchs are high-Level monsters that unleash their devastating elemental powers when Tributes are offered to Summon them. Strike a combo using the mighty Erebus the Underworld Monarch with new support cards like Eidos the Underworld Squire or The Prime Monarch, to thwart your opponent’s strategy and reinforce your Deck!

In addition to this 41-card Deck, Duelists can add a brand-new Token card to their collection. With a mix of new and classic cards, this popular theme appeals to both beginning and existing players.

Phân tích

Mỗi Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck chứa 41 lá bài trong tổng số. Số lượng bài của mỗi độ hiếm theo tỉ lệ sau:

Ngoài ra, nó cũng chứa:

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Danh sách

Số Set Tên lá bài Độ hiếm Thể loại
SR01-ENTKN Token Common Token Monster
SR01-EN000 Ehther the Heavenly Monarch Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SR01-EN001 Erebus the Underworld Monarch Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SR01-EN002 Eidos the Underworld Squire Super Rare Effect Monster
SR01-EN003 Edea the Heavenly Squire Super Rare Effect Monster
SR01-EN004 Caius the Shadow Monarch Common Effect Monster
SR01-EN005 Zaborg the Thunder Monarch Common Effect Monster
SR01-EN006 Granmarg the Rock Monarch Common Effect Monster
SR01-EN007 Mobius the Frost Monarch Common Effect Monster
SR01-EN008 Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch Common Effect Monster
SR01-EN009 Raiza the Storm Monarch Common Effect Monster
SR01-EN010 Lucius the Shadow Vassal Common Effect Monster
SR01-EN011 Mithra the Thunder Vassal Common Effect Monster
SR01-EN012 Landrobe the Rock Vassal Common Effect Monster
SR01-EN013 Escher the Frost Vassal Common Effect Monster
SR01-EN014 Berlineth the Firestorm Vassal Common Effect Monster
SR01-EN015 Garum the Storm Vassal Common Effect Monster
SR01-EN016 Illusory Snatcher Common Effect Monster
SR01-EN017 Tragoedia Common Effect Monster
SR01-EN018 Dandylion Common Effect Monster
SR01-EN019 Mathematician Common Effect Monster
SR01-EN020 Level Eater Common Effect Monster
SR01-EN021 Battle Fader Common Effect Monster
SR01-EN022 Rainbow Kuriboh Common Effect Monster
SR01-EN023 Pantheism of the Monarchs Super Rare Normal Spell Card
SR01-EN024 Domain of the True Monarchs Common Field Spell Card
SR01-EN025 March of the Monarchs Common Continuous Spell Card
SR01-EN026 Return of the Monarchs Common Continuous Spell Card
SR01-EN027 The Monarchs Stormforth Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SR01-EN028 Strike of the Monarchs Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SR01-EN029 Tenacity of the Monarchs Common Normal Spell Card
SR01-EN030 Soul Exchange Common Normal Spell Card
SR01-EN031 Enemy Controller Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SR01-EN032 Dicephoon Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SR01-EN033 Soul Charge Common Normal Spell Card
SR01-EN034 The Prime Monarch Common Continuous Trap Card
SR01-EN035 The First Monarch Common Continuous Trap Card
SR01-EN036 Escalation of the Monarchs Common Continuous Trap Card
SR01-EN037 The Monarchs Awaken Common Normal Trap Card
SR01-EN038 The Monarchs Erupt Common Continuous Trap Card
SR01-EN039 By Order of the Emperor Common Continuous Trap Card
SR01-EN040 Pinpoint Guard Common Normal Trap Card

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