Black Feather Counter

Black Feather Counter

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Kurohane Kauntā

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Black Feather Counter

A Black Feather Counter is a type of counter used by the Synchro Monster "Black-Winged Dragon". Whenever you would take effect damage, "Black-Winged Dragon" gains a Black Feather Counter instead, but loses 700 ATK for each counter it has on it as a result. However, by removing every Black Feather Counter from "Black-Winged Dragon", you can reduce the ATK of an opposing monster by 700 points for each counter removed, while inflicting an equivalent amount of damage to your opponent.

This is different from the anime version of the same counter, as "Black-Winged Dragon" instead prevented all effect damage its controller would take, while losing ATK equal to the damage it prevented and gaining 1 Black Feather Counter for each instance of prevented effect damage. Upon removing the counters, it would reduce an opposing monster's ATK by the amount "Black-Winged Dragon" had lost, while simultaneously restoring its own ATK. No effect damage was inflicted, however.

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