"Quân Đoàn Vũ Trang" (天装騎兵(アルマートス・レギオー) Arumātosu Regiō) is an archetype of LIGHT Cyberse monsters used by Lightning in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. All of its non-Link members have 0 ATK.


As their name implies ("Armatos Legio" is latin for "Armed Legion"), "Armatos Legio" are based on various warriors from Ancient Rome, such as the Roman Legion and Gladiators. Their monsters have a distinctly humanoid appearance, to the point that some even appear to have flesh. The kanji that makes up their name can be translated as "Celestial/Heavenly Cavalry."

Their design and playstyle of "forming various battle formations with their comrades" is possibly an allusion to the color White in Magic: the Gathering, which has a strong association with strength-in-numbers beatdowns, Human Warriors, and (reflecting their user) Light Magic.

Playing style

Like other Cyberse archetypes, "Armatos Legio" focuses on swarming the field with lots of weak monsters in order to summon powerful Link Monsters. More specifically, they focus on "forming various battle formations with their comrades" which manifests as abilities such as the effect of "Decurion" to sacrifice itself to protect other "Armatos Legio" monsters.

The Main Deck monsters, although weak on ATK, all have the ability of being able to give additional effects to "Armatos Legio" Link Monsters that point to them, which is described as "passing down their effects". This allows for solid battle formations both offensively and defensively with a wide array of effects such as being able to destroy monster instantly without Damage Calculation, making the opponent unable to attack a monster other than a specific one, being able to prevent destruction by battle or card effects once per turn, or destroy multiple face-up Monster and Spell/Trap Cards instantly.


Armatos Legio Origin
Centurion Centurion
Decurion Decurion
Galea Galea
Gradius Gladius
Legatus Legionis Legatus/Legionis
Magica Alcum Arcum (Latin word for "bow")
Magnus Dux Dux
Pilus Prior Primus pilus
Primi Ordines Primi Ordines
Scutum Scutum
Seeker Sica
Speculata Speculatores
Tribunus Militum Military tribune


Card Origin
Armatos Colosseum Colosseum
Armatos Lex Lex (Latin word for "law")
Armatos Replacement Replacement


  • The Weekly Jump article that revealed the archetype was mistranslated as stating that "Armatos Legio" was based on Knights rather than the Roman Legion.
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