Ancient Sanctuary is a Booster Pack, which is a combination of the Japanese sets The Sanctuary in the Sky and Pharaoh's Inheritance.

It has been released in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG) in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish and in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG) in Asian-English and Korean.

The is the last mainstream Booster Pack in the TCG, Asian-English and Korean, prior to their convergence with the Japanese Booster Pack releases. As such it is the last to follow the format of having 2 Secret Rare, 10 Ultra Rare and 10 Super Rare cards.

This is one of the two Booster Packs combined into Dark Revelation Volume 2.


Ancient Sanctuary focuses mainly on Fairy-Type monsters, including the "The Agent" monsters, which have powerful effects when the card "The Sanctuary in the Sky" is in play.

Yami Yugi's appearance on the cover of this booster pack is taken from the title page for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Duel 148. This was also used earlier for Struggle of Chaos and Duelist Legacy Volume.5.


In the TCG and Asian-English versions of this set, each pack contains 9 cards and each box contains 24 packs. In the Korean version, each pack contains 5 cards.

The set contains 112 cards. This is comprised of:



Ancient Sanctuary
(TCG - English)
Số Set Tên lá bài Độ hiếm Số series Thể loại
AST-000 The End of Anubis Secret Rare 65403020 Effect Monster
AST-001 Gogiga Gagagigo Short Print 39674352 Normal Monster
AST-002 Warrior of Zera Short Print 66073051 Normal Monster
AST-003 Sealmaster Meisei Rare 02468169 Normal Monster
AST-004 Mystical Shine Ball Common 39552864 Normal Monster
AST-005 Metal Armored Bug Common 65957473 Normal Monster
AST-006 The Agent of Judgment - Saturn Ultra Rare 91345518 Effect Monster
AST-007 The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury Rare 38730226 Effect Monster
AST-008 The Agent of Creation - Venus Rare 64734921 Effect Monster
AST-009 The Agent of Force - Mars Super Rare 91123920 Effect Monster
AST-010 The Unhappy Girl Short Print 27618634 Effect Monster
AST-011 Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower Rare 63012333 Effect Monster
AST-012 The Kick Man Common 90407382 Effect Monster
AST-013 Vampire Lady Common 26495087 Effect Monster
AST-014 Stone Statue of the Aztecs Super Rare 31812496 Effect Monster
AST-015 Rocket Jumper Common 53890795 Effect Monster
AST-016 Avatar of The Pot Rare 99284890 Effect Monster
AST-017 Legendary Jujitsu Master Common 25773409 Effect Monster
AST-018 Gear Golem the Moving Fortress Ultra Rare 30190809 Effect Monster
AST-019 KA-2 Des Scissors Short Print 52768103 Effect Monster
AST-020 Needle Burrower Super Rare 98162242 Effect Monster
AST-021 Sonic Jammer Common 84550200 Effect Monster
AST-022 Blowback Dragon Ultra Rare 25551951 Effect Monster
AST-023 Zaborg the Thunder Monarch Super Rare 51945556 Effect Monster
AST-024 Atomic Firefly Short Print 87340664 Effect Monster
AST-025 Mermaid Knight Common 24435369 Effect Monster
AST-026 Piranha Army Common 50823978 Effect Monster
AST-027 Two Thousand Needles Common 83228073 Effect Monster
AST-028 Disc Fighter Common 19612721 Effect Monster
AST-029 Arcane Archer of the Forest Common 55001420 Effect Monster
AST-030 Lady Ninja Yae Short Print 82005435 Effect Monster
AST-031 Goblin King Common 18590133 Effect Monster
AST-032 Solar Flare Dragon Common 45985838 Effect Monster
AST-033 White Magician Pikeru Short Print 81383947 Effect Monster
AST-034 Archlord Zerato Ultra Rare 18378582 Effect Monster
AST-035 Opti-Camouflage Armor Short Print 44762290 Equip Spell Card
AST-036 Mystik Wok Common 80161395 Quick-Play Spell Card
AST-037 Enemy Controller Ultra Rare 98045062 Quick-Play Spell Card
AST-038 Burst Stream of Destruction Ultra Rare 17655904 Normal Spell Card
AST-039 Monster Gate Common 43040603 Normal Spell Card
AST-040 Amplifier Super Rare 00303660 Equip Spell Card
AST-041 Weapon Change Common 10035717 Continuous Spell Card
AST-042 The Sanctuary in the Sky Super Rare 56433456 Field Spell Card
AST-043 Earthquake Common 82828051 Normal Spell Card
AST-044 Talisman of Trap Sealing Rare 19312169 Continuous Spell Card
AST-045 Goblin Thief Common 45311864 Normal Spell Card
AST-046 Backfire Common 82705573 Continuous Trap Card
AST-047 Micro Ray Common 18190572 Normal Trap Card
AST-048 Light of Judgment Short Print 44595286 Normal Trap Card
AST-049 Talisman of Spell Sealing Rare 71983925 Continuous Trap Card
AST-050 Wall of Revealing Light Common 17078030 Continuous Trap Card
AST-051 Solar Ray Common 44472639 Normal Trap Card
AST-052 Ninjitsu Art of Transformation Common 70861343 Continuous Trap Card
AST-053 Beckoning Light Common 16255442 Normal Trap Card
AST-054 Draining Shield Rare 43250041 Normal Trap Card
AST-055 Armor Break Short Print 79649195 Counter Trap Card
AST-056 Gigobyte Short Print 53776525 Normal Monster
AST-057 Mokey Mokey Short Print 27288416 Normal Monster
AST-058 Kozaky Short Print 99171160 Normal Monster
AST-059 Fiend Scorpion Common 26566878 Normal Monster
AST-060 Pharaoh's Servant Short Print 52550973 Normal Monster
AST-061 Pharaonic Protector Short Print 89959682 Normal Monster
AST-062 Spirit of the Pharaoh Ultra Rare 25343280 Effect Monster
AST-063 Theban Nightmare Rare 51838385 Effect Monster
AST-064 Aswan Apparition Common 88236094 Effect Monster
AST-065 Protector of the Sanctuary Common 24221739 Effect Monster
AST-066 Nubian Guard Common 51616747 Effect Monster
AST-067 Legacy Hunter Super Rare 87010442 Effect Monster
AST-068 Desertapir Short Print 13409151 Effect Monster
AST-069 Sand Gambler Common 50593156 Effect Monster
AST-070 3-Hump Lacooda Common 86988864 Effect Monster
AST-071 Ghost Knight of Jackal Ultra Rare 13386503 Effect Monster
AST-072 Absorbing Kid from the Sky Common 49771608 Effect Monster
AST-073 Elephant Statue of Blessing Short Print 85166216 Effect Monster
AST-074 Elephant Statue of Disaster Short Print 12160911 Effect Monster
AST-075 Spirit Caller Common 48659020 Effect Monster
AST-076 Emissary of the Afterlife Super Rare 75043725 Effect Monster
AST-077 Grave Protector Rare 11448373 Effect Monster
AST-078 Double Coston Rare 44436472 Effect Monster
AST-079 Regenerating Mummy Common 70821187 Effect Monster
AST-080 Night Assailant Common 16226786 Effect Monster
AST-081 Man-Thro' Tro' Short Print 43714890 Effect Monster
AST-082 King of the Swamp Rare 79109599 Effect Monster
AST-083 Emissary of the Oasis Common 06103294 Effect Monster
AST-084 Special Hurricane Rare 42598242 Normal Spell Card
AST-085 Order to Charge Short Print 78986941 Quick-Play Spell Card
AST-086 Sword of the Soul-Eater Common 05371656 Equip Spell Card
AST-087 Dust Barrier Common 31476755 Continuous Spell Card
AST-088 Soul Reversal Common 78864369 Quick-Play Spell Card
AST-089 Spell Economics Rare 04259068 Continuous Spell Card
AST-090 Blessings of the Nile Common 30653113 Continuous Spell Card
AST-091 7 Short Print 67048711 Continuous Spell Card
AST-092 Level Limit - Area B Short Print 03136426 Continuous Spell Card
AST-093 Enchanting Fitting Room Common 30531525 Normal Spell Card
AST-094 The Law of the Normal Common 66926224 Normal Spell Card
AST-095 Dark Magic Attack Ultra Rare 02314238 Normal Spell Card
AST-096 Delta Attacker Common 39719977 Normal Spell Card
AST-097 Thousand Energy Rare 05703682 Normal Spell Card
AST-098 Triangle Power Rare 32298781 Normal Spell Card
AST-099 The Third Sarcophagus Short Print 78697395 Continuous Spell Card
AST-100 The Second Sarcophagus Short Print 04081094 Continuous Spell Card
AST-101 The First Sarcophagus Super Rare 31076103 Continuous Trap Card
AST-102 Dora of Fate Common 67464807 Normal Trap Card
AST-103 Judgment of the Desert Common 04869446 Continuous Trap Card
AST-104 Human-Wave Tactics Common 30353551 Continuous Trap Card
AST-105 Curse of Anubis Ultra Rare 66742250 Normal Trap Card
AST-106 Desert Sunlight Common 93747864 Normal Trap Card
AST-107 Des Counterblow Super Rare 39131963 Continuous Trap Card
AST-108 Labyrinth of Nightmare Common 66526672 Continuous Trap Card
AST-109 Soul Resurrection Rare 92924317 Continuous Trap Card
AST-110 Order to Smash Common 39019325 Normal Trap Card
AST-111 Mazera DeVille Secret Rare 06133894 Effect Monster
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