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'''[[Premium Pack 3]]''' (Card Number: [[P3-05]])
'''[[Premium Pack 3]]''' (Card Number: [[P3-05]])
'''[[World Championship Series 2004 Promos]]''' (Card Number: n/a)
'''[[World Standard Championship Series]]''' (Card Number: n/a)
|adv = [[Unlimited]]
|adv = [[Unlimited]]
|trad = [[Unlimited]]
|trad = [[Unlimited]]

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English Sengenjin
Card type Monster
Attribute [[EARTH]] [[File:EARTH.svg|28px|alt=]]
Level [[Level File:8Star.PNG Monster Cards|File:8Star.PNG]]
ATK / DEF 2750 / 2500
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In some video games this card is a Ritual Monster Card with Revival of Sengenjin as its Ritual Spell Card.

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