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* Tuner Pendulum Monster
* Tuner Pendulum Monster
| database_id = 11809
| database_id = 11809
| ocg = Limited
<!--| ocg = Limited
| adv = Unlimited
| adv = Unlimited
| trad = Unlimited
| trad = Unlimited-->

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Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer
(りゅう) (けん) () ラスター (ペンデュラム)
English Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer
French Luster Pendule, le Dracossassin
German Lüster-Pendel, der Drachobezwinger
Italian Lustro Pendulum, il Dracoassassino
Korean 룡검사 라스터P(펜듈럼)
Portuguese Pêndulo Luster, o Dracossassino
Spanish Luster Péndulo, el Dracoasesino
Japanese (kana) りゅうけんしラスターペンデュラム
Japanese (base) 竜剣士ラスターP
Japanese (rōmaji) Ryūkenshi Rasutā Pendyuramu
Card type Monster
Attribute LIGHT LIGHT.svg
Types Dragon / Pendulum / Tuner / Effect
Level 4 CG StarCG StarCG StarCG Star
Pendulum Scale Pendulum Scale 5
ATK / DEF 1850 / 0
Passcode 92746535
Card effect types
Pendulum Effect
Monster Effect
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