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<u>Synchro Monsters</u>
<u>Synchro Monsters</u>
* [[Red Dragon Archfiend]]
* [[Red Dragon Archfiend]]
* [[Stardust Dragon]] (stolen from Yusei)
|spells =
|spells =
* [[Speed World]]
* [[Speed World]]

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Jack Atlas

Jack Atlus



Debut (anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Episode 001

Appears in

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's




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Jack Atlus, known as the "Absolute King of the Riding Duel" by his adoring public, is Yusei Fudo's rival in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. Like Yusei, Jack is one of the Signers with a Dragon's Birthmark on his right arm.

Jack is an arrogant man who thinks of his opponents as little more than entertainment for himself and his audience. However, after seemingly losing to Yusei, he develops a grudge against him.

Character biography

Jack Atlus was once one of Yusei's friends and lived in the Satellite Ghetto with them, although it is ambiguous if Jack really treated or thought of them as friends at all. After Yusei made his first D-Wheel, Jack took interest in it and claimed it for himself after winning a duel against Yusei and at the same time, taking the latter's "Stardust Dragon" with him. He then became the Riding Dueling Champion and moved into the compound of Rex Godwin who tries to conceal Jack's origins from the public. As the current King of Duelists, he is adored by the Neo Domino City public and as seen with Rua, Jack's fame has been marketed, even to the point where both he and his Red Dragon Archfiend card have their own action figures.

When Yusei ventures off into Neo Domino City to take back his "Stardust Dragon" card, he and Jack have a rematch, but it is interrupted by the appearance of a mysterious red dragon. He later learns from Godwin that he is a "Signer", a savior predicted to prevent the resurrection of a dark god by a Pre-Incan civilization. Although conflicted about maintaining his title even though he techinically lost to Yusei, Jack forces himself to obey Godwin and conducts a Riding Duel between himself and Mukuro Enjo. Contrasting his flashy dueling style meant to entertain the audience, Jack quickly defeats Enjo with uncharacteristic rage.


Jack Atlus has violet eyes and blonde hair. He seems to have extensions in the front, which are wrapped in violet bands. His attire consists of a white trenchcoat over black pants and silver boots.


Jack plays a Synchro deck that focuses on quickly summoning monsters to use to Synchro Summon "Red Dragon Archfiend", paralleling the role of Neo Domino City in Rex Godwin's balance system between Neo Domino and Satellite.



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